Java binding for AdvaBoard RPi1 libraries

Compilation / installation:

  • For Raspbian, already compiled libraries can be found in ../prebuilt/, and are installed with the other prebuilt files.

  • For other distributions, you may have to compile the libraries:

    • By default, oracle-java7-jdk (/usr/lib/jvm/jdk-7-oracle-armhf/) is used, since it is already included in Raspbian. To use a different JDK, you may need to replace the paths "/usr/lib/jvm/jdk-7-oracle-armhf/include*" in the makefile ./c/CMakeLists.txt.

    • Before compiling the Java binding, the C libraries have to be compiled. (see ../README)

    • compile/install C-wrapper-library of the Java binding:

      cd c/build
      cmake ..
      make ..
      sudo make install
      cd ../..
    • compile/install Java library:

      make jar
      make install
    • You may also use the to compile and install the libraries.


  • Add /usr/local/share/java/am_rpi.jar to the CLASSPATH, or use this path with the java/javac -cp-parameter.
  • If Java does not find the libraries and, add /usr/local/lib/ to the java.library.path or use export LD_LIBRARY_PATH=/usr/local/lib/.


See ../examples/README.txt and ../examples/java/.