Python binding for AdvaBoard RPi1 libraries

Requires:Python 2 (>= 2.6) or Python 3


  • For Raspbian, already compiled C-libraries can be found in ../prebuilt/, and are installed with the other prebuilt files.

  • For other distributions, you may have to compile the C-libraries and install software manually:

    • Compile/install the C-libraries: see ../README

    • install Python library:

      Use distutils, for Python 2:

      python ./am_rpi/ install
      # --or--
      python ./am_rpi/ install --user

      Use distutils, for Python 3:

      python3 ./am_rpi/ install
      # --or--
      python3 ./am_rpi/ install --user

      or simply copy or symlink the am_rpi-directory to a directory which is found by Python's "import", e.g. into your project-directory.


  • import am_rpi.advaboard and maybe am_rpi.advamation, or use from am_rpi import advaboard etc.


See ../examples/README.txt and ../examples/python/.